Atomic Physics

We focus on controlling atomic processes with frequency-chirped laser light.  Our long-term goal is to control atomic collisions similar to the exciting work done by Phil Gould’s Lab at the University of Connecticut (See a recent paper) and control atomic excitation (e.g., ARB Force) similar to work done in research lab.  We have developed a novel laser system to generate nanosecond frequency-chirped laser light.


Electro-Optical Amplitude Modulator

Copy of DSC_0321Copy of DSC_0278

Copy of DSC_0262

Students working in the lab

Physics Education

We are exploring a number of different ways to bring high impact teaching practices into the physics classroom.  One of our main focuses has been on developing physics education media such as instructional videos made by both faculty and students and Vignettes.  Examples to be posted shortly.

We are also an active member of Adelphi’s Faculty Learning Community.


Physics Club at the Cradle of Aviation for the Lab for Kids Day


We are collaborating with Professor Eugenia Villa Cuesta from Adelphi’s Biology department to study longevity.  More details to come shortly…

Copy of DSC_0379_2

Fernando and her fruit flies


Copy of DSC_0453

Aditya working through a derivation on our collisions project


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