Oh the Places you can go…

Our research team has had a successful time applying for external opportunities for this summer; keeping track of them all is a full time job.
  • Tracy Paltoo will continue her paid position as a Civil Engineering Intern for New York City Transit.
  • Tanner Grogan will be heading to an REU program at UCLA in atomic physics.
  • Tara Pena will be heading to Brookhaven National Laboratory.
  • Fernanda Murillo will be heading to an REU at Lehigh University to do bio-physics (Hey Fernanda, that’s where I did my REU)
  • James St. John will be doing his REU at the University of Alabama in Electrical Engineering
  • Lani Chau will be a research associate at Warsaw University in Poland doing a study with nanostructured materials for sensing applications with Adelphi Chemistry professor Justyna Widera-Kalinowska.  (http://www.adelphi.edu/faculty/profiles/profile.php?PID=0346)
  • Natasha Mohan will be doing an internship at Sloan Kettering in Medical Physics in New York City
  • Kidan Tadesse and Kristen Oldja will be hanging around the lab at Adelphi laser cooling atoms and such.

(Note: the picture on this website was taken from a google search of the book “Oh the Places you can go…”, please contact me for the specific site if you are interested. )


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