Rocky Point High School Visit

Professor Sean Bentley, Director of High School Recruitment Steve Prenner, and Professor Matthew Wright hosted a group from Rocky Point High School led by Adelphi alumnus Jack Nielsen (Class of 2014) to provide a physics open house.  The visiting high school students participated in laboratory tours of our research facilities, visited selected poster presentations from student research projects, participated in hands-on modern physics experiments, and attended a panel discussion on success at the collegiate level.
The following Adelphi Physics students participated in the day’s events: Muhammad Aziz, Lani Chau, Tanner Grogan, Kelly Hiersche, Daniel Lee, Egla Ochoa-Madrid, Kristen Oldja, Chloe Ong, Tara Pena, Yuhao Qiao, Basil Spanopoulos, and James St. John.

Tanner Grogan leading a lab tour.


Egla Ochoa-Madrid interacting with Rocky Point H.S. students at her poster.


Basil Spanopoulos leading a discussion on how one might measure the speed of light.


Kelly Hiersche leading a group of Rocky Point H.S. students through an optics demo.


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